How to Write a Descriptive Essay

How to Write a Descriptive EssayBefore starting to write a descriptive essay you must have to create an image of your targeted audience. What they think, their qualification, their religion, their native language and their surrounding environment. Suppose your target audience lives in Saudi Arabia and your writing essay in English, it’s difficult for them to understand what you want to convey. But if you write a descriptive essay in Arabic your target audience has easy to read, it properly and get your point.

The key point which will work mostly is to judge their five senses. What they want to smell, what’s their sight, what’s their traditional food to get knowledge of their taste, their choice about music to understand sound sense. If you are able to get focus on these parameters, then you are just one step ahead to success.

If you have not able then you have to first work on these, because then it’s become easier to write a descriptive essay when you know all the related signs to their senses.

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1 – Select the Topic

How to Write a Descriptive EssayWhen we talk about to write a descriptive essay, usually they focus on a stand alone topic, event and case study. We have to discover the initial topic, then refine until you found just phrases which makes sense. In this case topic is “descriptive essay” but for elaboration I have attached “write” and for emphases added “How To”. It’s all about making sense for the reader and produce the quality not quantity.

When starting to write an essay, it’s essential to give the pitch of your topic to your reader through starting description. You need to express in words or by illustration that what you want to convey instead of telling them. For this your reader makes their mind and image of expectation what they actually wanted to know.

Your essay must be organized in the best manner that readers can get each point easily with skimming and scanning technique.

Suppose if you are covering any event, then you must have to provide the images related to the event in chronological order which will help the reader to get each point in the sequence of images.

Suppose if you are covering any person, place or thing, you have to illustrate the images of that particular thing to show the concept in sequence.

But introductory words are your first impression which will give your readers boost to read more and more till the end. So you need to work hard on the first couple of paragraphs to make them rich in sense to gain the attention of readers.

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2 – Generate Phrases

Now creates generic sentence to create some statements. In this I have created a statement as “writing descriptive essay” which is emphases in the whole article. It’s not only important to stay the reader at one point, but also to make their mind image consistent. This is the major pitch of your whole essay to keep the eyes of the reader on the essay.

As much you are good at creating the phrases and sentences, it’s become easier and easier to write lengthy content. Because at this point you will become the master of creating words and attract the reader’s eyes. Some words really very attention gathering like “how”, “when”, “why”. In some cases, passive voice has more values than active voice. You have read stories, if not, then you must know the stories are mostly passive voice just because the story is only become interesting when there is any suspense and to create suspense author used passive voice sentence.

Mostly news channels also apply this principle in their breaking news ticker, like “what will happen if Pakistan won match!” to just gain the attention of their audience. This sentence creates suspense and viewer build the image in the mind to get the secret.

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3 – Get Senses Right

Now create the five sets on paper sheet and each set is labeled with human senses. With this labeled set it’s become easier to get thoughts about the mental appearance of your reader to describe your point. Now start associating the reader senses with your essay to make judgement what more you need ahead to do in the essay.

Start collecting the images according to the set of senses, it’s a green signal for your essay to get success. Because you have worked on your reader first and then on your words. Every region has some special signs of the senses, and top author knows how to deal with the senses of their readers. Like Neil Patel, which is an online author of several websites has known how to attract the readers towards it’s words. He has all the common articles on which other author has written several times. But he produced the quality, by his words and other author produced the quantity.

If you can understand the senses, the mentality and behalf of your audience, you can write for them to convince and parse your words.

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4 – Outline or Plan

Create lists of the sub topics which you have to describe in your essay. Suppose if you are covering any person, the your list should be like history, biography,  early age and mid age etc. It will give your reader a reason to read, because now the interest is become greed to know about more and more, what’s next up ahead related. When you are writing long essays with thousands of words, it’s become a difficult task to stay on a single point. This plan will give you the ease to write short but a descriptive and rich block of paragraphs.

Mostly author doesn’t write the lengthy essay. But if you know any researcher, most of them have very long and bulky thesis. Just because they have to prove what they want to express through the thesis. In the bulky thesis there is a part known as ToC (Table of Content), in other words the basic plan and structure of content. TOC help readers and Researcher maintain the topic in structural form and it’s easy to represent in seminars, publications and online.

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5 – Conclusion

In the phase you have to summarize the all the essays in a couple of sentences. Supposed if you have written a thousand word essay, then approx 100 words are required to make a conclusion paragraph or more. In the conclusion you have to give another clue to the reader like what to do more after this. Most authors write brief and concise conclusion which covers all the aspects of the topic. The conclusion is also an important part of research paper without this thesis is incomplete. Most readers are familiar with skimming and scanning technique of reading. Their major focused on the introduction and the conclusion section of the content.

Always focused on starting and ending of your essay instead of main body because starting paragraphs make essay interested and closing paragraph make essay ideal to grasp the concept. The conclusion will be written well and because this is the last thing which reader will read and the last impression which will you left in the mind of the reader. Most of times conclusion passes the motivation to readers. Mostly author used to motivate their readers to share their content with others, such as share on Facebook, Tweeter etc.

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6 – Review

When you have successfully written descriptive essay. It’s time to distribute it with your fellows, teachers and scholar friends. Which will read and point out your mistakes because when you have written a descriptive essay, it’s based on one side prediction of any topic and you need generic views. Which are easy to justified in front of anyone. Suppose according to your 2+2 =3 and your calculations are almost right, but it’s your perception not the universal. When you will share this with your friends, they will deny and point this mistake and improve your content.

As many people review and point the mistake the content will become more fruitful for the reader. Sometime these kind of reviews is known as peer reviews which are specially done on the thesis and research work. You can also add references of the person who review your content only in the case of research work.

Even that you can also review your content, after taking a break for while from writing. Go for a walk and refresh your mind and read again and again your words as the reader and make prediction what actual reader is wanting to read your essay. Use the brainstorming technique during the review and try to point out the mistakes as much as you can. Mistakes in the review phase is not only illogical statements, but also the wrong sysnonyms placement.

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7 – Wind Up

After the review phase, it’s time to wind up your essay with the final touch to make it ready for the readers. The last time you read your content and check mistakes of grammar, punctuation, misspell words, active and passive voice excessive use.

Sometime during writing, we have written lots of things which are mainly not necessary just for the reference to convey the message. In the last when you read the whole content again and correct the grammar mistakes, some sentences are getting changed in the sense which you don’t want to express. Let them delete from the content and make a clean image of your essay. It’s not an easy task to write a descriptive essay, but if you have strong motivation and have spirit to do then it’s not the hardest task.

When we are starting writing there are lots of people who are ready to criticize. We get worried about them instead of own self. Write a descriptive essay is the journey of words, sentences and stories. Which you have to cover and introduced in the new way.