How To Verify CheckBox Checked In JavaScript

If you are looking for How To Verify CheckBox Checked In JavaScript, then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to explain how you can easily make sure that CheckBox Checked In JavaScript.

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A checkbox has very important role in web forms. We used the checkbox to get the specific information from the user such as the gender. When you are working on forms then we have to make sure that user has filled all the essential parts of forms.We use the conditional statements to make sure that all the essential parts are filled or not. In the following code, we are going to demonstrate that how to verify checkbox checked in JavaScript.

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You can observe that in the following code we have used input tag which will work as a checkbox. Then we have used a button in which we are calling check method. In the last we have used a conditional statement in check method to Verify CheckBox Checked In JavaScript or not.

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You can observe that we have extracted the value of checkbox with the help of DOM. In the conditional statement, we have stated that if the checkbox is true to mean checked then show an alert box.

You can copy the above code and run in your browser. First of all, you have to check the checkbox and then click on the button. It will generate an alert box that you have checked the checkbox. If you will not check the checkbox and click the button it will return nothing.

The following code is the alternative to Verify CheckBox Checked In JavaScript to demonstrate that whatever you have checked or not check the checkbox it will return you something.

If you will check the checkbox and click the button, it will return you the message that you have checked. If you will not check the checkbox and click on the button it will return you that you don’t have checked the checkbox.

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You can easily test the above code into your browser by just copy the code and save it as HTML extension. The above concept you can create your own validation and check in your web form to validate the data which you want to extract from a user.