Freeware SEO Tools For Newbies

There are many freeware SEO tools for beginners, but I recommend only those which I used personally to enhance my project ranking. When I was the beginner, there is no one who guide me about the SEO, even that those who provide the SEO tutorials are always in the seek of the fee from newbies.

I just learn everything by reading other reviews and practice them in my own way, now finally I’m able to improve the website keyword ranking. I’m mediocre and can’t afford the premium SEO tools, because they are so expensive to afford.

That’s why I have a huge list of the freeware SEO tools, but I’m sharing just a few with you.

Here are the Top 5 Freeware SEO Tools For Newbies

  • MOZ
  • Majestic
  • Alexa
  • SEO Profiler
  • SEOquake


Basically MOZ is popular because of its premium features, like Moz Open Site Explorer. Which is used to backtrack all the Off Page SEO progress. But freeware features are also not less than the premium, you can use the Open Site Explorer in the freeware account too, but you can’t see the backlinks more than top five. On the other hand MOZ introduced the DA and PA factor in the SEO. Mostly sponsored and guest articles are awarded on the based on DA and PA.

MOZ also provide the freeware SEO plugins which are essential for every webmaster who want to track the progress of their web project. I’m also using the MOZ plugins to track the DA and PA of each site which I visit to make the list of best backlink opportunity points. If you don’t know about this plugin, then you can download MOZ Toolbar from here – Download

I have also recommended solution for you if the DA and PA of your site is too low, remember each site have their own DA and PA. DA remains the constant for the whole site as the umbrella, but PA is vary page to page. Let’s read How Increase Domain and Page Authority.

Here is the 09-04-17 Matrix
Here is the 09-04-17 MOZ Matrix


This is the one of my favorite freeware SEO tools, because it’s given you much detail about your site. Like what user think by read your site content and what is the worth of your site. Did you know CF and TF is introduced by the majestic. CF is the content flow, like the worth of your content. TF is the trust flow, like what it mean’s to the user or what is the authenticity of content.

Majestic provides the freeware Site Explorer, which will tell you about the CF,TF, Backlinks sorted by relation, like DoFollow or NoFollow and what type of domain is providing you the Backlink. It’s mean majestic provide you the full SEO audit if you have premium member and if you are a freeware user then you just make a prediction which is approx right.

Did you know majestic is providing the free SEO video Tutorials too.

Majestic is also very important factor if you site is surviving on the sponsored post, because I’m user of two sites from which I got sponsored articles and maintain the fees of my hosting. One of them is the SponsoredReviews which is currently not accepting any new blogger, but the second one is the really good opportunity for bloggers which is SeedingUp.

Here is the 09-04-17 Majestic Matrix
Here is the 09-04-17 Majestic Matrix


The major ranking tool, Alexa provides the global positioning of every site along with the national targeted positioning. Such as the is targeted for the Pakistan due to the domain (.PK) but if I have huge traffic from the USA it’s tends to the USA as the target country.

Alexa also provides the premium SEO tools, such as the keyword explorer of your competitor, backlinks details and ranking or targeted keywords. You can also obtain two free doFollow backlinks if you have the premium account of such as you can see this image on my blog.

Here is the 09-04-17 Majestic Matrix
Here is the 09-04-17 Alexa Matrix

SEO Profiler

This is the first tool I ever used as the premium. Because it’s cost me only 1$ for a month, after this I have taken the journey of search engine optimization. You can also take start from this in just 1$, but it’s also available as the freeware SEO Tools. You just have to create the account first, then you are able to explore your site and get the information related to the SEO like backlinks and the LSI.

I still don’t have enough backlinks, that’s why I can share the SEO Profiler snippet. But I hope you will find this tool as the biggest gift, because it’s also provide you more than 900 social domains to obtain the profile backlinks.


This is the Semrush project for freeware SEO tools user. I think it’s the biggest gift for every beginner who can’t afford the Premium SEO Tools. You can easily install it to your chrome browser and whenever you visit any website you can check the following matrix.

  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Index
  • Bing Index
  • Yahoo Index
  • SEMrush Rank
  • Traffic of the site and many more options are available in just this freeware SEO Tools collection.

Download and install the plugin (SEOquake Chrome). Now the small icon appears on the right top and by click on that you can see all the matrix of any site.

Here is the 09-04-17 seoquake Matrix
Here is the 09-04-17 seoquake Matrix

This is all I can share with you, if you know any other freeware SEO tool name, then please mention them in a comment. So that I can update this post and added them for the new comers. I’m also using these SEO tools daily to enhance the performance of my sites. Please note that SEO can take long time to show improvement, because we can’t reveal the search engine algorithms.