Top 3 Blogging Platforms Over the Globe

There are three top blogging platforms, which are mostly used now days. In the past web development is very hard work to do. Because developer have to create many web pages and do hard code and it’s really difficult task to manage the all the hard coded pages at once.

Day by day when programming languages become object oriented, then the CMS introduced in the market. Till now there are more than 900 different CMS are introduced for specific purposes. That’s why bloggers tend to use them for their passion, because it’s easy to manage all the data and articles by their own. Now no need of developer any more if you have general knowledge about the websites.

Here are the top three CMS which are used widely.

  1. Blogspot

  2. WordPress

  3. Joomla


Top 3 Blogging Platforms Over the Globe

Blogspot were known as the in the past, but no one knows this truth now days. Even that if you will search it will get redirected to the, by the way this platform is introduced by the Google. This is generic type CMS which is specially designed for the bloggers. If you want to use this platform you must have the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Because the theme work and other customization required changing through the hard code.

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Top 3 Blogging Platforms Over the Globe This is the most used CMS platform till today’s date. Some of the most popular website’s are designed on the WordPress. There are two types of WordPress and mostly beginner when tries to build the website on WordPress they get confused between and

This is the non hosted CMS, which you can download from the site and upload it to your server. After the uploading you can use it as the Operation System on your website over the server.

This is the hosted version specially designed for the bloggers, same as the blog spot. You can simply sign up from the link above and create your own first WordPress blog free of cost.

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Top 3 Blogging Platforms Over the Globe This is based on the bootstrap, It’s meant the GUI of the Joomla based site is same as the bootstrap based sites. Joomla is rarely used by bloggers because it’s hard to understand how to manage the site. Mostly cooperates and business domain used the Joomla.