Speed up windows

The major problem occurs when using the windows is it’s gone slow down, and here we learn how to speed up windows. There are many ways to this, but we focus on 5 major reasons and their cure to improve the speed of windows operating system.

1 – Release the Resources

Sometime your windows get slower due to the huge resource utilization, such as the chrome, it’s taken more than 1 GB of the RAM. There are many small processes like these which takes Ram in partitions like you have 4 GB RAM and 100 MB’s 30 process are running, then it’s consumed 3GB of your RAM and your computer become slower gradually.

For the remedy of this, you have to open the task manager and remove all the non essential processes to release the RAM. It’s effect a lot to speed up windows quickly. Read more How To Set Gmail Signature In no Time

5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Windows

First, click on the taskbar and select “task manager” or press Ctrl+Shift+Escape to open it. Then you have to check the “CPU“, “Memory“, and “Disk” tab and sort the list according to the utilization of the resources. Then, according to your needs you can select the process and click on “End Task” to close the process and release the RAM.

2 – Close System Tray Programs

There are many applications which are running in the background in the form of the system tray programs. You must have to close them, to release the RAM and to speed up windows. The basic example of these kind of programs is the torrent. They are continuously running in the background system tray.

5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Windows

You have to click on the system tray, and right click on the program’s icon to closed them.

3 – Disable Startup programs

There are some programs which get started with the boot sequence of windows and slower down all the process after get started. This is the major reason on which mostly user don’t focus. If you are using any anti-virus you have notice that after startup of windows they automatically get started, just because they are included in the startup programs in the windows.

5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Windows

You just have to open your task manager, and there is the tab named as the startup. Click on that and un-check the non essential programs which are not required during the boot sequence, this will immediately speed up windows.

4 – Reduce Graphics and Animation

Windows get gradually rich in graphics and animation which become the other major cause of slow down the processes. Such as then when you minimize and maximize the windows they get little fade during the operate.

5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Windows

To reduce and disable these animations you have to press Windows key + X or you can click on the start button. Then select the systems and go to advance system settings on the left side. Then click settings button under performance. Now select adjust for best performance under the visual effects. It’s will disable all the unnecessary animations. Even that you can customize the animation as you wanted. Read now 10 CSS JavaScript Stylish Popup Dialog Box

5 – Reduce Your Web Browser Load

Almost everyone who has the computer used the web browser and it’s the major reason also to slow down the operating system. As I have already explained chrome take a lot of your RAM and even that if you have extra plugins they also consume your RAM.

5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Windows

That’s why you have to reduce the load of browser by removing the unessential plugins. Go to the browser extension or add on manager and remove the plugins which you don’t need.