Show Weather Forecast in WordPress

Are you wanted to Show Weather Forecast in WordPress website? then you are at right place. Some webmaster, blogger, and owners wanted to Show Weather Forecast in WordPress according to a user location. Now we are going to discuss how easily we can embed weather feature in WordPress to Show Weather Forecast in WordPress.

Why do you need to Show Weather Forecast in WordPress?

This is not compulsory for everyone to show weather on their website. Some believe that their users are depending upon the weather situations, such as the travel agencies.

There are also several business domains which depend on upon weather like, hotels, restaurants, events and buffets.

WordPress is open source, that’s why there is a penalty of weather plugins which you can easily integrate with your sites to display weather forecast.

But we needed a plugin which doesn’t add the links to an original website of a weather forecast, instead, we are wanted to show weather details on a website page.

Now we will talk about how easily you can Show Weather Forecast in WordPress post, pages, and sidebar.

Weather Forecast Plugin for WordPress

First of all, you have to download the WP Cloudy plugin, which you can download from WordPress official repository. Then you have to upload it to your website and activated that.

This plugin is required the API key, but it can also work without API, to remove timeout we need external services. To make accurate weather forecast we recommend you to used OpenWeatherMap API key.

You need to create an account on OpenWeatherMap website.

Show Weather Forecast in WordPress

After successfully creating your profile you have to visit the API keys tab to extract the API key. You have to mention the name of the key first then hit generate button.

Show Weather Forecast in WordPress

Now it will automatically generate the API key which you can use to integrate your plugin with this website.

Go to the settings of WP Cloudy and select the Advanced tab, then you have to insert the API key.

Show Weather Forecast in WordPress

After the successful integration of API key, you are able to create weather reports. You just have to add new weather like you can be observed from the below image.

Show Weather Forecast in WordPress

You have to mention for which state, a city you want to show weather forecast, then select the Display tab. For this page, you can configure the settings for showing weather.

Show Weather Forecast in WordPress

When you are done, next you just click on publish button to retrieve the shortcode, which will be used to place this weather report in pages, post, and sidebar.

Show Weather Forecast in WordPress

For this tutorial we have added the shortcode in the sidebar, you can be used it below the post or above the post as you are required depending on your business.

Show Weather Forecast in WordPress

We have tried to resolve the problem to Show Weather Forecast in WordPress. If you like our effort then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Did you know you can Remove Date and Time from WordPress Comments?