Proportionally CSS Scale Images

How To Proportionally CSS Scale ImagesIf you want to do CSS scale images, then in this article, I will show you how you can do that with just a couple of CSS codes. It will also help you to create the responsive websites which will get adjusted according to the user’s screen site to give the best user experience. If you want to create a responsive website then this technique will help you. Because the quality of a responsive website is that they get adjusted by the screen of the user and all the elements on the web page get the shrink.

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It’s quite easy to do, it’s all about the mathematics. If you will give the fixed values in any CSS measuring unit, the web page will never become responsive. You have to give the values in the percentage so the values will get vary according to the site of the user device and adjusted along with this. All you need to do is focus on the code below.

Like the above example, you just have to declare the screen size attributes values in the percentage, not in pixels. This will force the images to don’t cross their limits. Such as if the width of the container is 100px then an image will not become wider than the 100px which is set as the max-width:100%.

If you have mentioned any height and width already for any specific image. Then you will declare the other rule of the image tag in the CSS such as changed the width than first declared width property get override by the CSS declaration. Because CSS declaration has more power and priority in HTML instead of an inline declaration.

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How To Proportionally CSS Scale ImagesTo avoid this kind of overrides and mistake you just have to ignore the inline declaration of styles. It’s recommended to use the default dimensions of images instead of overriding them because it’s easy for servers to fetch data and show on your web pages, this will also increase the speed of websites. Google also advise about the Images dimensions. You don’t have to mention the image scales in HTML codes because it’s may also be declared in the CSS codes and that’s become the problem for you.

You will need to declare the CSS Scale Images in a good manner that it can be manageable in the future if you need any kind of change. It’s easy to just add one tag height:auto along with the max-width property like below.

This will help the web page to override any height property in HTML codes.

You must have to beware with the cross browsers because if you create website and testing on just one browser then you can’t create the responsive website because all users don’t use the same browser. Each browser has their own CSS Scale Images properties which vary. So to prevent this problem you have to write the codes which will work universally.

Like the above code, it will override the default height and width automatically and focused on width only. By this, you can do CSS Scale Images.