Lazy Load Gravatars in WordPress Comments

Are you wanted to use lazy load Gravatars in WordPress comments? Gravatars are used to enhance the experience of used during comment. Gravatars also become the cause to slow down website page loading speed or server because it’s required extra HTTP requests, with a lot of comments on the same page can affect your server speed. In this article, we are going to explain to you how you can easily use lazy load gravatar in WordPress comment section improve WordPress website speed.

What are Gravatars?

Gravatars are known as the user profile images to represent their identity used by WordPress and other content management systems. These images are shown in the comment section and author bio below the articles and post.

You have to signup on Gravatar website and create your profile there with the essential information such as your email address or your profile image.

Whenever you will use Gravatar registered email address in any WordPress website during comment or article posting, WordPress automatically retrieve your profile image from Gravatar website on the behalf of your email which is already registered on Gravatar.

Gravatars are professionally used by bloggers and Internet marketers to represent their online identity. But remember Gravatars also may Cause to slow down your server, in other words, its increase page load time.

Supposed that you have many comments with Gravatar enable iDs on your post, then each Gravatar will add HTTP request to your page load. Its mean as much Gravatar user will comment on your articles it will become the cause to slow down your website. You can preview in the below image that it will increase page wait time which may become the cause of negative User experience.

Lazy Load Gravatars in WordPress Comments

If you are dealing with the site which gets a lot of comment each day then maybe it will effective for you to deal with this problem. Let’s talk about how easily you can use lazy load Gravatars in WordPress comments.

Lazy Load Gravatars In WordPress Comments

First of all, you have to install and then activate BJ lazy load plugin. You can download this plugin direct from WordPress repository.

BJ Lazy Load

After the activation of this plugin, you have to visit setting and then BJ lazy load to configure the settings of the plugin.

Lazy Load Gravatars in WordPress Comments

Upon the use of this plugin, you become able to use lazy load content, images, iframes, Gravatars, widgets and post thumbnails. You can easily select the option for which you want to use lazy load on your WordPress website, you can also observe the above image for the further clarification.

After configuring the plugin according to your desire and requirement don’t forget to save the settings to implement the changes.

Now you can visit any article and page which have comments so that you will observe lazy load Gravatars in WordPress comments are working correctly.

We have tried to resolve your problem regarding lazy load Gravatars in WordPress comments if you still have any kind of question you can contact us.

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