HTML Redirect Code

If you are looking for the HTML Redirect Code then you are at the right article. I’m going to share the basic concept of HTML Redirect. Basically HTML introduced the meta tag by which we can easily redirect any webpage. There are many reason to redirect. If you are using any CMS like WordPress or Joomla. Then there are plugins for your problem. But they will increase the load of server. Plugins where increase the ease of users, it’s also increase the problems of server.

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It’s better to use the simple code then plugins. That’s why I recommend to use the standard codes. HTML is very vast with functionality. Every time plugins are not the best solution. If we talk about the redirection types then there are few redirects. For SEO purpose we have two redirects.

  • 301 Redirect
  • 302 Redirect

But in this article we just discussed about the HTML Redirect. In simple HTML Redirect code there is Parameter of Content, in which we have to specified the time in second. If you used the 1 to 3 second as the content then user will not noticed this redirection. But search engine will notice and index the content too. If you will increase the time it will easier for user to notice the redirection.

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HTML Redirect Code

Replace the Second with the time and replace the RedirectLink with the target link.

Let’s suppose you want to redirect the page after 5 second, then you will code like this.

And if you want to redirect the page after 10 second then just change the value, like the code below.

If you want to add different HTML redirect in a different post. Then you have to add separate meta tags in the separate post. If it’s not working for you, report us your error.