How to Properly Disable Google AMP in WordPress

Are you looking to disable Google AMP in WordPress? Google introduced AMP plugin to improve the website pages quality for mobile phones. But suddenly mostly blogger disable this feature because of various reasons. It’s not simple as disable other plugins. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can disable Google AMP in WordPress.

Let disable Google AMP in WordPress

AMP is known as accelerated mobile pages introduced by Google. AMP is an open source initiative to improve the mobile experience of an end user. In short, we can say that by using APM can enhance the quality of your website in mobile phones.

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It improves the web page quality by minimising the unnecessary HTML and CSS along with the JavaScript. The best part of this plugin is that it will automatically host the content of your web page on Google AMP Cache which will decrease the load on your hosting server. Because of Google AMP Cache whenever user will search your website from mobile it will automatically redirect to that hosted image of your website which is captured by AMP Cache. By this, your web page loads faster than other site and increase your visibility in search engines.

DisciplineMany bloggers and content marketer start to disable Google AMP because of the various reason which will become the cause of loss for their websites. Some bloggers report that they have faced low conversion rates and lower page views by mobile users. In some cases, AMP does not show the menu and sidebar to a mobile user because of minimal HTML and JavaScript. It will also become the cause of less user engagement with her the website ranking.

Really Disable Google AMP?

Actually, it depends on the website and varies to websites. If you have a major part of traffic from mobile users then you may have to use Google AMP. But if your major audience is from a search engine or web then we will recommend don’t use Google AMP.

If you are trying google AMP and it will become the cause of loss for your website then we will recommend disabling Google APM as soon as possible you can to save your website reputation.

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Some people believe that Google will finalize your website if they will not use accelerated mobile pages but it’s not true because accelerated mobile pages are introduced to improve the way the experience not to implemented as a policy of Google.

Disable Google AMP in WordPress

There are multiple plugins expect of official Google AMP again which allow you to implement accelerated mobile pages. First of all, you have to deactivate that plugin from which you are getting the services of accelerated mobile pages.

How to Properly Disable Google AMP in WordPress

In the above image, you can observe that how you can deactivate accelerated mobile pages plugin.

The setting of redirects

Disabling the accelerated mobile plugin from your WordPress website is not enough to completely disable this feature. Because disable Google AMP in WordPress website will just stop to creating cache images in google hosting.

If you have using Google accelerated mobile pages for a long time it will automatically index in Google search engine and whatever you will disable Google AMP in WordPress website that cache images will still remain in a search engine and a user will get that images.

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To resolve this problem you have to create the redirect from accelerated mobile pages to not accelerated mobile pages. There are two methods which you can use easily to make a redirect for Google accelerated mobile pages.

1 Redirect plugin

First of all, you have to install the redirection plugin which will help you to create the read that easily.


Activate this plugin and go to tools then redirection page.

How to Properly Disable Google AMP in WordPress

Then you have to add the following code in the source URL field as mentioned in the above image.

Then you have to enter your website domain name in the following format as shown in the image above.

Now you have to check the regex checkbox and go for redirection as you can observe in the above image.

Now you just have to click on add redirect button so that the above changes get saved. When user will visit any accelerated mobile pages it will automatically redirect to normal pages.

2 Set Redirects in .htaccess

This method required little bit programming information because you have to set up a redirect in server files so be careful when you are doing an edit. If you don’t want to use any plugin for redirection then you can use a .htaccess file to create redirection.

First of all, you have to access the C panel of your website then you have to search for .htaccess in the root folder of your website. Then simply add the following code in the last of your .htaccess file.

After this, you have to save the changes so that it will affect your website.

Now, whenever user will visit accelerated mobile pages post it will automatically redirect to non-accelerated mobile pages post.

We hope this tutorial will help you to resolve your problem regarding disable Google AMP in WordPress website. Don’t forget to subscribe a YouTube channel if you like this tutorial and must share it with your friends.