How To Disable TextArea Resize Property

If you are looking to Disable TextArea Resize Property, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be going to study TextArea Resize Property. By this, you can Disable TextArea Resize. If you are familiar with the textarea tag of HTML, then you would also know that user can easily change the size of textarea by dragging the right button corner.

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It’s the major vulnerability according to me. Because developers don’t want to give any kind of change authority to end users. If you will not focused on this vulnerability you are giving a user thing of playing. Whatever the users are changing the size of textarea and the whole design of the website is going to be varied.

Disable TextArea Resize

Let’s Disable TextArea Resize Property. We use the resize property, it will fix the width and height of the textarea. Following is the code of resizing property.

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You can test the above code by copied it to your editors or compilers. Now if you want to set the size of textarea you can be used the width and height property. As we have set the textarea size to 300 pixels as the width and height.

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If you don’t want to fixed the width and height, then you can set the size according to the rows and columns too. In the following code, we have used the col and rows to specify the size of textarea.

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