How To Disable Autocomplete HTML

Disable Autocomplete HTML input tags are very important for web developers. Because spammer used the autocomplete mostly to fill the unauthentic data to bypass the forms. In this article, we will be discussed How To Disable Autocomplete HTML Input tags values. HTML provides us various functionalities and some vulnerabilities too if you don’t know the power of HTML.

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In my previous article, I have discussed How To Disable TextArea Resize Property just because the user can easily change the whole layout of a website if we don’t disable resize property. High-level websites don’t support the autocomplete functionality in forms. Especially you have noticed that every time you have to write your emails but you can autofill your name and other information.

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In the above code, we have used the simple textbox which is used to get the input from the user and the autocomplete functionality is off. It helps you don’t give easiness to the user for autocomplete the text field.

Suppose you wanted to create the form and don’t want to allow a user to autofill that. then we will create the form like the code below.

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The above code is just to demonstrate, how you can use this functionality. The different website has different development schemes. A mostly developer named the first name text field as the FirstName but some developers don’t use the common tags and ids. They generated their own ids for forms. When a user tries to autofill the credentials it will get filled wrong. Because browser store the values according to the tags and name values.

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The above code is just for mobile Safari users. Sometimes autocomplete functionality don’t work so we have to use the alternative codes. If you wanted to Disable Autocomplete HTML input tags for safari users then the above code will work fine.