How To Change Element Class With JavaScript

If you are looking to Change Element Class With JavaScript, then you are the right place. In this article, I’m going to give you the optimal solution. To Change Element Class With JavaScript, we have to know about the DOM structure of HTML. Every element in HTML have a tree structure, and we can access each element thought its name, id, and class.

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Supposed you have given a class to paragraph tag and wanted to change that. Then we will access that paragraph tag according to the ID. In the following code, you can observe that we have to access the P tag with an ID and Change Element Class With JavaScript change function. When user will click the button, class red is changed to class green.

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If you Change Element Class With JavaScript, it will be changed runtime, and not changed from the source code. Supposed if you have multiple P tags and wanted to change element class on specific condition then you can also implement the conditional checks. In the below code we have created the condition that, if the p tag with the ID red has class red then only it’s changed to green otherwise it’s get ignored.

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I hope this will resolve your problem. If you still have any kind of question they don’t shy to ask. If you are looking for video tutorials on JavaScript, then subscribe our channel.