In this article, I am going to share best WordPress ad management plugins. Mostly every website owner has to deal with the advertisement which is the main source of earning in most cases. Ad management is not easy for a single person. If you are the owner of any website and blog which is developed on WordPress then we are sure that these best WordPress ad management plugins will help you to manage your advertisement. By using these ad management plugins you can easily optimise the revenue from an advertisement on your website.

Why to used WordPress Ad Management Plugins?

The mostly website relies on the advertisement to maintain their services by the generation of money from the advert which they show on their website. By default, WordPress doesn’t have any feature which will allow you to manage multiple advertisements at the same time on your website.

Even that most WordPress websites don’t have the spot to display advertisements such as in the header, footer, and sidebar. It’s mean you have to manually added advertisement code into your themes file which is not easy for a person who doesn’t have a programming background.

By using proper WordPress ad management plugin you will get the feature to easily maintain multiple advertisements on your blog and easy integration of advertisement within post and pages. Even that you can add multiple advertisements where ever you want to show within a website.

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

Let’s talk about the best WordPress ad management plugins which you can use to integrate advertisement within your website.

1 AdSanity

This plugin is a user-friendly WordPress ad management plugin. This plugin will allow you to insert advertisement within your website anywhere you want to show them by using visit and button from the visual editor.

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

It allows you to manage hosted advertisement which can help you to sale advertisement directly and even then you can handle external advertisement such as Google AdSense. It will allow you some extra features such as advertisement scheduling, integrate single advertisement or group of advertisement, monitor individual and group of advertisement Static and analytics report and much more.

You can easily create multiple advertisements and integrate them with your content with the help of digits and shortcodes or use the advert button from visual editor. Even that you can add specific advertisement in specific posts. With the help of this plugin, you can optimise the performance of advert without editing your WordPress theme.

2 AdRotate

This is one of the best WordPress ad management plugins which will allow you to maintain advertisement within your website. AdRotate supports the feature of locally hosted or direct hosted advertisement along with the external advertisement management. By using AdRotate you can sell advertisement direct to anyone and manage the time period of specific advertisement.

You can easily integrate advertisement anywhere in the website where you want to show by using shortcodes provided by AdRotate. It will allow you basic statics of advertisement such as the impression and click.

This plugin is freely available on WordPress repository. You can directly access this plugin from the plugin section of WordPress. This plugin will also allow some professional feature which is only available in pro version of a plugin such as an advertisement schedule, Adblock feature, mobile advertisement.

You can easily download the plugin from the following link.

AdRotate Banner Manager

3 OIO Publisher

This is another best WordPress ad management plugin which will allow you to easily maintain advertisement slot within your website. This plugin is mainly recommended for that website who are growing day by day and want to sell direct advertisement. OIO Publisher removes the third party concept and promotes the direct selling of advertisement through the website.

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

OIO Publisher will maintain the reports, payments of advertisement, track the static and analytics of advertisements such as impression and clicks. Even that you can create advertisement zone of different size for different websites. Also, select that how many advertisements you want to show on each page of a website and what is the suggested price. Even that you can rotate multiple advertisements on the same slot to target more impression.

OIO Publisher easy to use for a beginner to maintain advertisement. It will allow you to customise advertisement in a widget area.

4 Insert Post Ads

Insert post ads will allow you to automatically integrate advertisement within post and pages. You don’t need to copy paste shortcode manually in every page of a website. It will automatically maintain advertisement and place them according to your requirements.

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

Even that you can create multiple stores advertisement and place easily within your content by setting the paragraph numbers. You can show multiple advertisements after different paragraph numbers.

It is the easiest plugin which you can use to maintain advertisement on your website. You just need to create an advertisement and allocate paragraph number to show them within a post.

This is a free plugin which is available on WordPress repository which you can easily download from the following link.

Insert Post Ads

5 DoubleClick by Google

This is a web-based advertisement management system provided by Google. You can easily maintain advertisement from here. You just have to create an advertisement on this platform and it will generate a shortcode which you can easily integrate into your website where you want to show advertisement.

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

This platform will allow you to sale advertisement by selecting highly suitable advert according to your website.

Double click allows you great reporting, proper analytic and stats about each and every advertisement which you have sir on your website, as it is the most efficient web-based advertisement management system it’s also a bit complicated to get started.

6 Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is another best WordPress ad management plugin which you can use to manage advertisement within your website. Ad Inserter is available in paid and free version too. But if you want to access the advanced features then you have to use the paid version.

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

By using this plugin you can create multiple advertisement blocks which can easily integrate automatically within all the post and pages of your website. There are several methods by which you can add advertisement within your website such as before the post and after the post, between the content and much more.

Ad Inserter – WordPress Ads Management

You can easily disable advertisement on specific categories post and pages, you can use this plugin for localhost and third-party hosted advertisement.

7 Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense is most popular among WordPress ad Management plugins. This plugin is not used only to show advertisement of AdSense but also you can use it for other advert networks.

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

When you will activate the plugin after installation within your website it will allow you to easily integrate advertisement within your website with the help of shortcodes. This plugin will help you to easily integrate advert inside content, after the content, and before the content.

It will also allow you the custom widget where you can show sidebar advertisement.

This plugin doesn’t have advanced feature expect of 1 which is that you can’t create more than 10 advertisements at the same time.

Quick Adsense

We hope that this article will resolve your problem regarding WordPress ad management plugins. By using the above-recommended advertisement plugins you can easily maintain ads on your website and optimise your earning.