5 Ways to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Website

Sometime you have added custom CSS to your WordPress website, for the purpose of modification such as changing the background color, padding, margin, font size, font family etc.

I have seen lots of people asking the same question on a WordPress based forum on the CSS modification. Their major problem is that they don’t know from where to change the CSS.

So, I have collected 5 ways to add custom CSS to your WordPress Website easily.

1 – Add Custom CSS from Additional CSS

This is the builtin feature of WordPress and the most easiest & fastest way to add custom CSS quickly. This feature is allowing to all those WP users who have WordPress 4.7 or greater than that.

First Go to Appearance than Customize, you can directly go to Customize from the dashboard bar on the left hand side.

5 Ways to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Website

Then click on the Addition CSS button to add your Custom CSS code.

5 Ways to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Website

Now you can add your Custom CSS Code, and you have done. On the other hand, you can observe the CSS changing in real-time. As you may see the image, I have added gray color as the background for header, if you want to apply these settings of your CSS then you have click on Save & Publish button to let WordPress know it’s your desire.

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2 – Add Custom CSS from Theme Options

There are many WordPress Themes which come across with their custom CSS Box Option such as you can check the Frontier WordPress Theme. Almost in every case you can get the WordPress theme setting in the Appearance then there is Theme Options.

But now mostly WordPress Theme developers started merging the theme Custom Css Box with the WordPress Customize Features, which is present in the Appearance, and that’s why you will observe there is no more separation Custom CSS Options.

3 – Adding Custom CSS from Theme Editor

There is another amazing feature in WP which is named as the Editor. From where you can custom codes in the theme, you can add custom CSS, add Custom Functions, Add Custom JavaScript Codes too.

You just need to go to Appearance then Editor, once you have opened Editor you need find the Style.CSS file from the right sidebar. Then you have to open that file and you are able to add Custom CSS code.

5 Ways to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Website

Sometimes you don’t find the Editor just because of the security plugins which you are using. Some Security plugins disable the Editor Features from with WordPress, but you can still access Style.CSS from your server file manger.

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4 – Adding Custom CSS from FTP

This is the most professional way to add any file into the server without the access to that. First, you have to access your files via FTP. Then you can go to the following directory to add CSS.

It’s simple as the Editor, you just open the file and you are able to add your CSS Code and then save it. You are Done!

5 – Add Custom CSS from CSS Plugin 

I’m not recommending you to use the plugin for this small task, but share because it’s also the way to add custom CSS Code. It will increase the load of your server, If you can apply above 4 methods then let this method go. But if you can’t do any of the above method, then I will recommend you to use WP Add Custom CSS

This is the simple plugin for the CSS purpose and still flexible. It will allow you to add custom CSS to your whole WordPress website, like any individual post, page or in any WooCommerce product too. Don’t Miss: 10 CSS JavaScript Stylish Popup Dialog Box

I’m Confident it’s resolved your problem now, if you have still facing please let me know and don’t forget to share this with your friends and Keep Subscribe my YouTube Channel if your native language is Urdu or Hindi.