CSS JavaScript Stylish Popup Dialog Box

When you talk about the website you must know about the CSS JavaScript Stylish Popup Dialog Box. Because it’s now trending to extract sensitive data from the user. You have seen many popup’s around you when you visit any website. Such as the newsletter, subscription form and surveys.

Something like that i’m going to share with you. I’m working on some online tool and I need to create the popup which will execute when the user will archived something. It’s like the Congratulations, Wishes, or some sort of appreciation.

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Here are Top 10 CSS JavaScript Stylish Popup Dialog Box.

There are many popup dialog boxes, but I’m sharing a few of them. In the given there are JavaScript popup box, JavaScript popup message, JavaScript popup hover, JavaScript popup form and JavaScript popup dialog box.

1 – Pure css popup box

Pure css popup box

This is the basic popup modal, for the beginner which is really responsive. You just have to download the code, then you can open it in the notepad to view the styling and HTML DOM concept. As the beginner, it’s the best option to take. When you will apply this popup, it will trigger on any event and shaded the background to prominent the effect and hover on the content as you can see the image.

2 – Simple Confirmation Popup

Simple Confirmation Popup

Basically, this is designed for the warnings, reviews and confirmation from the user. You can add this in any JavaScript button and handle the functionality as you required. Like when user wants to leave your site, you can rise this action and asked from the user what they really want.

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3 – Colorful Flower Popup Menu

Colourful Flower Popup Menu

This is the stylish menu which is floating over the content. You can simply paste the code in any JavaScript button to raise the action. Then this will hover over the content as the popup and give rich decision opportunity to the end-user to pass the selections. On the other hand, when user will hover the mouse pointer on any of the icon they get faded slightly to prominent the selection.

4 – Smart Welcome Popup

Smart Welcome Popup

This is designed for the user who want to do the branding. Like when user will read the half of the content this popup will rise and share the social profile information with the user. You can see that we have added the video at the end of the popup as the advert unit.

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5 – Profile popup

Profile popup

Beautiful styled profile popup for the purpose of branding. You can add this in any kind of the event. Like when the user reads the half content or leaving your website. You can also add the colorful social icons, you just need to replace the path of the icon and boom you are done.

6 – Animated Popup Android Style

Animated Popup Android Style

We designed this popup for the welcome message and purpose. When your user will load your site, you can raise this with the help of unload functions in the body of the webpage. After the webpage is loaded this will appear with the faded effect and user can easily get exited by clicking on the cross or on anything across the screen.

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7 – Popup window css

Popup window css

This is the hover popup designed to give confirmation messages. Like if the user will read the whole article, then this will trigger to appreciate the user. Or you can also use it on the download buttons. Even that you can also change the color schemes as you wanted if you know a little bit about the CSS.

8 – Responsive CSS and JS Pop-up

Responsive CSS and JS Pop-up

This is the most responsive CSS JavaScript Stylish Popup Dialog Box, which is cleaner in the code and ready to attract the attention of the user. If you will use this, it will hover over the content and faded the background with black color to prominent the popup box.

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9 – SweetAlert – A beautiful replacement for JavaScripts alert

SweetAlert – A beautiful replacement for JavaScripts alert

This is specially designed for the alerts messages. You can simply create an alert window in JavaScript, but it will also provide you centered on screen and colored popup. You can also add more buttons along with the icons to make them looks better for the end users. You can find the free icons at iconfinder.

10 – Simple modal with iOS 7 styles

Simple modal with iOS 7 styles

Here is the simple modal with the effect of iOS 7 styles. It’s look familiar to the users of apple. You can use to give them reminders, or even that you can use them on downloads actions like in the image you can see. I hope these all 10 CSS JavaScript Stylish Popup Dialog Box will give you the boost. The Code is free and not copyrighted. You can easily add them in your sites and make a better user experience. Don’t miss the Top 5 Freeware SEO Tools For Newbies