haider raza

Today we want to introduce a new personality (Haider Raza). Haider is talented and very energetic person. He is very keen to learn new things. He has multi professional skills and somehow wants to become an expert in his all skills. Haider start his carrier to do something new and interesting in computer field so he joins the Software Engineering field in 2014 and now days he studied Software Engineering and increase his knowledge to do something new.

Then he introduced himself as a web, WordPress developer and SEO expert and now started work for wikia.pk. In Software engineering field he want to become a C,C++ developer but due to his less practice and lack of interest in programming he started to learn web development and WordPress customization. Now days he is struggling to increase his web, WordPress and SEO skills. He is very hardworking and doing good work to increase the status of wikia.pk. We appreciate the Haider to join us and become a part of the wikia.pk. His aim is to deliver knowledge that he learn and give the opportunity to others that he also serves for others people to make the world knowledgeable and learn able.

Wikia aim is to pick up those personality who want to do something new rather than old is gold polices. Haider is now part of wikia as SEO expert and WordPress designer for wikia website which is forward to rank in the Google. If  you are inspired from wikia efforts and Haider personality. Please write comments below so you can share your thoughts with him to inspire him more. If you are belonged to UOG Lahore than we will appreciate you for joining us as team member. Wikia is looking forward for some new faces and crawling on daily basis. Promote us because your participation is most important our existence.