software engineering

Hi, everyone i hope you all alright. My Name is Haider Raza. Today i write a article about software engineering. Now day’s this is very popular and money making field. It has a great scope due to increasing in technology. I tell you what it is? How you select it as a career and job? These questions are answered by me in this article.


We know that from past 10 to 12 years technology is growing very rapidly. And the demand of computer science professionals also high. Now day’s software engineering field has a good scope in most popular countries. It has great opportunity of great salaries. Due to these reasons the demand of software engineering is very high.

Software engineering is a branch of computer science. In software engineering field we develop and create the software’s by follow it’s rules and principles. In this field we also test, maintain and debug the software. It consist of programs that related to computer applications, databases, user focused programs, computer utilities, operating system and many more. It is related to computer hardware engineering but it slightly different from it. In computer hardware engineering we concerned with hardware and computer technologies. But in software engineering we concerned with programming languages, operating system and software development phases. These three things are major part of this field.

Software Engineering Branches

System Development

In systems development we Design and develop software’s that support application development. It include C, C++ like programming languages.

Application Development

It is non web based or problem solving software development that include programming such as C#, java, etc.

Web Development

In web development we create web based application or software that run on browser. It includes Html, Css, Javascript like web languages.

Embedded Systems

In this we make such type of software’s or application’s that run on non computing devices such as watches, automobiles, etc. It includes assembly or C like programming languages.

Software Engineering As A Career

Now day’s software engineering is fast growing field. It has great demand in today’s time. The scope of this field is very high as the time passes. You can choose it as a career or job to become strong and wealthy. I discuss some ways how you choose it ? And further move it in this field.

A Bachelor Degree

To choose this field as a career you first need 4 year’s bachelor degree to become a software engineer. A software engineer is a person who make or develop computer application by using software engineering rules and principles. In this degree you learn about the phases of software engineering, knowledge about operating system and programming languages.

High Skill Of Programming

If you want to choose software engineering then you need to learn about programming. It is very important step in this field. Programming is a technique to generate source code that understand by computer and run on it. In programming you leads to formulation of computing problems to executable programs. There are many programming languages that you learn and become a programmer. Some are very popular and has great scope in the software engineering field.

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • Php
  • Etc.

Knowledge of related supportive fields

Even you are studying in bachelor’s degree but it is not enough. If you want to become a master in the field of software engineering then you need some related or supportive fields to learn.

Web Development

I above describe web development is related to web based applications. If you want to become a web developer then you need to learn web development. It supports the software engineering field. Because it is also a part of software engineering field. If you weak in application development you can choose it as a career and move it in this field. i think this is easier that application development.

Database Management

The knowledge of database management systems is very important to further move in software engineering field. In database management you learn principles and object oriented, relational databases. The connection of this field to software engineering is very strong. Because most of software need database to store information permanently in storing devices.

Network Communication (Networking)

Networking is also very important to learn and understand. Networking dealing with security, protocols and network designs. It support the field of software engineering because network based software’s need networking to operate.

Operating System (OS)

The knowledge of operating system is very important. The OS help us to understanding computer architecture and help in creating utility type software’s. In this we understand foundational concepts of OS and the principles of operating system design and operations.

These fields are very supportive and helpful to become a good engineer. In the 4 year’s degree you get knowledge about these concepts or supportive fields. But it is very short and limited. You can studying these by search on internet and find courses to become master in these. These fields also has very excellent scope in computer technology.

Attend Events And Conferences

Innovations are part of every field to drive changes. That means engineering need to stay tuned the latest developments in the field of software engineering. You can join events and conferences to connect with other engineers and learn about new products and technologies. It is a great way to become professional and connecting with daily produces innovations.

Final Words

I hope you much understand about software engineering field. I do my best to express the knowledge about this field. But weakness are also a part of life. If you found helpful then like it and comment me. You also suggest me to improve my article.