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Hi dear fellows I am Abdul Haseeb Awan. Today you are going to know about a very important person in the field of computer science and software engineering that is software designer.


Software design is solution and guide line to solve problems regarding system functioning and all other details. The software designer works their part in development team and helps them to create software to fulfill the organization’s requirements or the needs of client in a very effective manner. For those who love computers, mathematics, and computer programming, and especially for those who have the art of problem solving, this field could be a good choice for your career.

What is Software Designing?

You can say it is nothing but the art of solving specific problems regarding software systems. Software designing is very much important phase in software development life cycle. The developing of software infect involves several important steps or phases. Just like all other products today.

Basic Goals and Purpose    

In case of software development the product efficiency, the satisfaction of costumer, and the effectiveness of budget are all very important just like for any real life hardware product. Actually a design can be considered as a blue print or map for a project. It cannot be started until all of its requirements are determined. (SRA) Software requirements document helps to determine how the software must be accomplished. After this step, the actual design is finalized.

Software Designer Challenges

The challenges Challenge to Software designers are:

  • Working within the restrictions and constraints.
  • Incorporating the requirements.
  • Satisfying clients

Designers use various kinds of modules in order to create “blue print” which would help the developers and programmers of the system. They have to use flow charts and diagrams for design illustration purpose. These flowcharts and diagrams helps the developers as guide lines and as a road-map.

Software Designing Process

A designer is touch barrier in software development life cycle. The suggested road by designer is followed throw-out the cycle.  There are various methods to design software’s but developers 1st of all software designers have to design a big picture of the system in all methods. But very important thing is to first of all try various designs and try to discover the problems in initial stages which you may face latter. Instead of discovering at latter stages of the development cycle. This doesn’t let you ruin the project and helps to   avoid financial and time losses. When problems are discovered after code has written it becomes impossible to change design at that stage.

Typical Education for Software Designers

 Are you ambitious to become a Software Designers the most important step is to get a 4 year bachelor degree in (SE) Software engineering or in (CS) Computer science. These two degrees are often comprehensive enough to cover main courses like Requirement engineering Data Communication, software maintenance and testing, Software design and architecture and mathematics subjects. Colleges and Universities cover these subjects but other diplomas in business administration or mathematics also help to hold your foot in software designer Jobs.

Software Designers Salaries

According to latest Statistics of the Bureau of Labor. The salaries for software developers are $90,000 annually, along with a very good outlook for job growths.

Software Designers Future Horizons

Software development and designing in fact is a field which is constantly evolving and getting more complex, specialized and useful as well. To ensure the needs for qualified individuals. It has become very important for designers to be familiar with the various related aspects of it. Now it is crucial to get   solid educational backgrounds in computer sciences.

You must ensure that your current education and other skills are stronger enough to carry you through the emerging changes in computer systems. Continuing education is crucial and a necessity in this field. Instead of solid educational foundations you will also need to continually expand your knowledge and enhance your skills and learning about new developments in this dynamic computer field. If you are computer lover and love education too. This aspect of this field will also make your job exciting and can surely open new doors for you.

Final Words

Software designing is very important field for you glowing bright future. Are you willing to be a designer?  Don’t wait for tomorrow start today enhance you problem solving skills. Get command in computer programming and little bit improve your math. The observation and analytical skills are also need of hour thank you to be with us if you like my article please share with others and help those who need it. For any query and question you can comment below we will reply you soon thanks.