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Graphic design is a creative process that occupies almost everything we do these days”.  From websites to applications, interfaces to products packaging, the talented hands of the Graphic Designer are seen everywhere. This can be a rewarding and challenging career. Here are some ideas which help set you on that paths.

Fundamentals OF Graphic Designer

Choose An Area Of Graphic Design

Before you could call yourself a graphic designer 1st you have to make some decisions. For example: are you interested in advertising or in web development, you may be interested in multimedia (the TV industry), print design, or animations? These are considered various forms of graphic designs. 1st Narrow your focus on the area that most attracts you.

  • The graphic design is fundamentally almost same whether in print or online media, there are also some key differences in resolutions, the color space, and other variables which are specific to the medium you like to focus on. Although you can certainly do both so it is best to focus on one to begin with.

Acquiring The Tools

The industry standard applications for graphic design processes are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. (If you plan to go all the full Adobe Creative  cloud Suite includes adobe Acrobat, adobe Dreamweaver, adobe Illustrator, adobe Premiere, adobe Photoshop, adobe In Design and adobe After Effects.) While both above applications are designed to be easy to use from the beginning and  these are very feature rich Applications and will require  great deals of focused effort to use the like a master.

  • These programs aren’t inexpensive or cheap. To get started you may play around with free alternative soft wares  like Gimps, Inkscape , Scribus and Pixlr etc. all of which will help you to  learn the ropes until you’re willing and you become able to drop big bucks on the real things.

Purchasing Textbooks

Focus  mainly on the books that teach design fundamentals and  then study as though as you were taking a college course. And Instead of working for a good  grade, your reward will be a  good career that you will love.

Take Courses In Graphic Design

It’s not limited just to become an expert in adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator instead learn how to use these all valuable tools in conjunction with other developing a marketable design sense.

Always Get Involved With The Designing Community

Practicing at home is a great and safe way to learn the ropes. But gradually you need to put yourself out there so that you can get feedback about your work. Though it can be painful at first but always keep your ego in check and take all the tips seriously: your payoff will be enormous. Additionally it is very important to see what the other people are doing so that you will not be only exposed to more than just one or two styles. As with any business the networking is very important in graphic design and especially if you have intention to freelance. Make your friends and keep in touch always be willing to learn and you will just get work out of it.

Enhance Your Education Further

Are you really interested in graphic design? Considering to get a degree. The Academic settings may be inspiring and the networking with others in your field is always a very good thing. On top of all that many people may not hire you as graphic designer without seeing a proof of that you have been properly trained in an institute. Consider these options below:

  • If you want to get a degree that may lend you credibility but you don’t have much time or money, get an associate’s one. This is mostly a two-year degree and it can be acquired at any related community college or trade school. Its emphasis will be more on your computer skills than art the theory. but it is a good place to start.
  • If you want a degree along with some weight to it so get a bachelor’s degree. This is mostly a four-year degree that can be acquired at any college or university. In addition to learning all these necessary computer skills you will be trained in the art and design.
  • It is Not 100% sure that graphic design will surely be your career path? Get the bachelor’s of arts degree, not the bachelor’s of fine arts. Although both are great for this type of work mostly a B.A. is less focused than the B.F.A. because it covers more of general education. And makes it easier for us to change to a quite different major so you should choose to pursue something else.


To become a Graphic Designer if you already have got a B.A. or B.S. then let’s do a post-baccalaureate work in the graphic design field. These courses can help to earn you a certificate credential, or a second bachelor’s degree. If you are dead set on being only a graphic designer go and get a graduate degree. If you haven’t done so already then you will first have to get your bachelor’s degree.

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