effective learning

Hi, everyone I hope you are alright and good. My name is Haider Raza. I’m starting article writing to share my experiences or learning with others. Article writing or blogging is a good way to express your feelings and thoughts. Today I’m going to tell about what are effective learning techniques? What is the best way of learning? How you learn in simple and in efficient way?

Why Effective Learning Important

In schools teacher never tell you the way of learning. It never tell how learn things. He/She give you the lecture or homework. And said learn it but never tell how to learn in easy way. In schools students never seek knowledge about learning. He use ratification technique to learn something. But never use the technique of learning to learn things. Because in schools no one tell it how you can learn things. It is very big problem now days. So i think to write an article about learning. You are on right place to know about learning process. Let’s started to talk about How you can learn things in efficient way.

Every people in this world have own style of learning. But the reports and evidence shows that the technique of one person never work for other person. If you want to know how to learn in simple and in efficient way then follow these techniques. These techniques are the part of  research work. That said these are work for most people. I suggest you to experiment on these techniques to further proceed in learning things.

Ask Question To Yourself (Elaborative Interrogation)

This technique is very helpful for learning things to understand what i learn. Whenever you read something ask question to itself after reading this. Why does mean. Why he/she do it. And make a notes on notebook. This technique is very simple and easy because everyone apply it easily. In starting you do not ask good question to you. But after a good practice you can do it. Because everything ask time and practice. By practicing you can do anything easily.

Give Explanation To Yourself

This technique is very good for abstract learning. In this technique you involve yourself to explain how this thing works. You ask yourself to explain things and made different choices how it works. This technique found very useful in children and old students. When they working on algebraic solutions or mathematical questions.

Note Taking And Summarizing

Summarizing and note taking is very beneficial when you practice for written paper. But not effective in types of test that do not need to generate information. For example multiple choice questions. But i think it is quite very useful to learn something in efficient way. Note taking gives you the rapid learning and explanation of how things work.

Highlight Important Things

Whenever you learn, read something you will find a important material. You should highlight or underline it. Because it is a good technique to short your work. Next time when you learn you know what is the important part of this lesson. By this way you can easily read or learn things. Highlighting is not very hard thing to do. You can easily do It. It is very beneficial technique when you starting learning effectively.

Mnemonic Keyword Technique

The keyword mnemonic is a technique in which you related words to sounds or imagery creation things. It is a good way to learn something in a short time. It is very helpful when you learn foreign languages, scientist names, etc. This technique is very helpful to learn difficult or longs words in short time.

Read After Read

Comprehensively reading is found not much effective technique to learn something. But researches shows that rereading is a good way to learn something effectively. Reading after reading very effective technique for learning and it enhances the effect of reading.


Visualizing is another best way to learn easily difficult and long text. Visualizing mean to connect words with pictures or images. Visualizing is very effective and helpful for children when they learn difficult or longer pieces of words. This technique is very helpful to memorizing things.

Test Practicing

Usually testing is considered necessary evil for education. But it is very effective to learn. It has massive effect to learn things. I suggest you whenever you stop reading lesson practice what you learn by testing. Testing is very hard sometimes but its is important technique to learn effective manners. You can use multiple choice testing. It is very effective and easy.

These techniques not use in most educational systems. After reading this you can judge that these techniques are very helpful to learn things in short time but in effective manner. Next time whenever your read something use these techniques. You find these  techniques is very helpful.

Final Words

I hope you understand much about effective learning ways. If you found this article is helpful and interesting then share it and comment me. You also suggest me to add more techniques or ways learn effective that is miss.