effective business communication

Business communication is need of every customers and business worker. It is very necessary for both listeners and speaker to understand clearly the topic. In today life the importance of business communication is very high. But most people don’t the effectiveness of business communication. So I decided to tell my reader about effective business communication ways.


Effective business communication is the process when one person or party shares information with other and this information is easily understandable by other party. This ease of understanding helps and contributes in the commercial success of business.

Qualities Of Effective Business Communication

 The qualities to make business communication effective are:

  • Establishing clear hierarchy
  • Using visual communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Considering Cultural Issues
  • Good written communication

 Effective Ways To Communicate

In business communication you may have to contact with your business partner in various ways.Here are various points you should keep in your mind when you communicating.

  • Face to face
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Listening

Face To Face

Face-to-face communication helps us in establishing a personal connection and it will help to sell the product and our services to the customers. The interactions in Eye-to-Eye Contact can deliver completely different messages than other written communications. In Professional Business communications our tone, pitch, and our body language is mostly observed.  In this way Information becomes easier to access and can be delivered immediately with interactions as compared to waiting an email or making phone calls. Conflicts can also be easily resolved in this way. As we know our verbal and non-verbal gestures are observed and then acted upon. Communicating in professional way is very important because one person representing the full company. Speaking clearly and asking questions to understand the needs and wants also helps a lot in understand problems and moving forward with their decision.


The choice of words is very important when you are using email to communicate in the business world. It is very important to be careful because Miscommunication is possible or very frequent, when the reader doesn’t have access to the non-verbal gestures. Which are always available in face to face speaking communication? Just like the pitch, the tone, the body language and facial expression. Before starting an email, always make sure your email address is appropriate and professional, as is the message that you have composed. Ensure the message is clear and written to the point so that the recipient can understand it clearly also the sender’s intentions. Don’t forget to ensure include the signature of sender, title, and the other contact information at the end of letter.


When you are making a business call, 1st of all make it clear who is on the line? And where one is from?  And note the message of person on the phone. Positive attitude and Smile have a great effect on your communication. The other person’s behavior mostly depends on how you behave and react. While leaving a message 1st make sure your message is concise   clear and brief.

Everyone should state their name when making phone call and mention the purpose for which you are making the phone call. Take the time into consideration. Don’t call too early in morning or too late at night. For business only, try to contact in working hours of working days.

If someone is calling or leaves a voice messages, 1st include time of your availability for callback. There is nothing worse than callbacks coming to someone when he/she is not available. Always put oneself in other person’s position and rank and always be polite.


For properly listening to the other employee or your customer’s speak it is very important to be an active listener. There are some Halts and troubles you ought to overcome:

  • Assumptions and Filters.
  • Prejudices and Biases.
  • Impatience and Inattention.
  • Surrounding and Environment.

The best way to overcome these all above factors is by using a method called “LOTS” Better Communication method. This method has four major steps in order to develop good listening skills and the capability to respond with educated statements. The four steps of this method are:

  • Listening
  • Observing
  • Thinking
  • Speaking

According to lots method 1st listens carefully then observes the points and thinks over it then answer or speak wisely. By doing all of these things and showing good eye-contact and your body posture will assure the speakers that he/she is now getting full attention from all the listeners.

Final Words

Effective business communication is very important to communicate with people. It is very helpful for listeners, readers, speakers, business workers to better understanding. You must know about this. If you like my article please shares with others. You can follow us on Facebook for more post.