computer programmer

Hi, everyone I hope you are alright and good. My name is Haider Raza. I started article writing few days ago to enhance my writing skills. Today I’m come with another article that is computer programmer. You must listen that word many times. And I surely say that you want to know what computer programmer is? What programmer does? I answer these questions and tell about the computer programmer.


Computer programmer, developer, coder, software engineer is the person who writes program to make software’s. In simple words computer programmer is a person who makes computer software. The term computer programmer is referring to those people who specialize in one area of computer programming. Programmer writes code when software designer give a design of software. After creating software programmer tests the software and removes the errors if any error found.

Become A Computer Programmer:

To become a computer programmer you need a bachelor’s degree of computer science, software engineer, mathematics or informative technology. If you want to become a good programmer you need practice in your computer science field. Practice is very necessary to become better because practice makes a man perfect. You can practice your degree by doing internship’s. When you are in school. When you are completed your degree you need to learn new programming languages. That is popular in market and has large scope. Programming language is a language that programmer use to create software.

A computer programmer that uses this type of languages (C, C++, Java, Python, COBOL, Assembly etc.) is prefix to that term. If programmer uses this type of languages (Html, Css, Javascript, Jquery, etc.) is prefix to the web programmer. Programming languages is the fundamental languages that are necessary to learn for computer programmer or developer.

Working Of Programmer:

A computer programmer not only writes a code or program. He also test, debug, maintain and make detail instruction about computer program. Computer program follow by computer to perform some action and task that programmer define.  A programmer use different IDE’s (Integrated development environment) to write code for software. When programmer writes code in IDE then he compiles the program in code compiler to check error. If any error occur then programmer remove it and make a program error free.

Need Some Skills to Succeed In the Career Of Programmer:

You need some skills to successful in the career of computer programmer. These skills are very necessary to learn for a good programmer.

  • Programmer will be able to understand written instructions.
  • Programmer must need to identify problem.
  • After identifying problem programmer will be able to solve it.
  • When problem is solved you must need to weigh all your decisions to choose best option.
  • Programmer must be able to understand team instruction.
  • Programmer must be able to find errors in code and fix it.

Final Words:

I hope this article will be very informative for you. You will be learning much about computer programmer. If you find any difficulty or problem you can comment me. You can also suggest me to improve my article for better understanding of readers.