Code Compiler

Hi, my name is Haider Raza. Today I am going to write an article on Code Compiler that is very necessary topic to learn programming languages. Because it provides you language translation service. Through which you can interact with machines like computer. In this article you will learn about what Code Compiler is, and why we use it and what the purpose of it.

A code compiler is a type of computer program that converts source code to target language. In a simple way it converts programming language into computer understandable language. Or in a complex way code compiler work in a simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation mean it compile the code in parallel way. Source code must be written in some programming language. It might be C,C++ or any language that are used to code. The reason for convert source code to computer language is to create an executable file that run on that computer.

Main point of Code Compiler

We use usually compiler to convert source code from high level language to low level language. High level language means that it will be nearer to the human understandable language. Usually we use English to code because it is an international language. And most of creators developed compiler in English language so we use it. Low level means that it is a language of computer or Operating System that is understandable for machines.

Short History

In early days most of the software’s written in assembly language. Due to its limited memory problem and some technical challenges programmer started thinking about it. And make a First High level language in 1948. The first compiler was introduced in 1952. Early compilers written in assembly language. But when times past new programming languages arise then compiler have become more complex.

Use of Code Compiler

Today in every programming language we use code compiler to compile the source code to convert source code to computer language because it is a necessary part of it. Compiler is a part of every editor that we use to code. I recommend these IDE’s which are best and I also usually use these IDE’s. You can also use these because they are best in working and have enough functionality in it.

  1. Net Bean
  2. Dev C++
  3. Visual Studio

Final words

I think this article is very informed able for you. And you learn much about code compiler in an easy and simple way. If you find any problem and any difficulty you can ask me without hesitation. You can comment or email me I will answer you as possible as soon. You also tell me my mistakes and give suggestion for improvement of this article. And I’m hoping that you will learn much about code compiler.