Best Tips To Secure Android Mobile

Best Tips To Make Your Android Secure From Security Threats

Smartphones in today’s life have come to define us by being the gateway to our online identity and must be secured against any wrongdoing i.e. hacking or offline . If your phone may mean more than just a loss in contacts and phone numbers.

Best Tips To Secure Android Mobile

8 Best Tips To Secure Android Mobile

  1. Do Not Save All Of Your Passwords
    When you come across online services and sites on your devices, you tend to save their passwords without thiking about who will comes in the hands of other people on the phone . Avoid saving your passwords in your device particularly your banking or payment apps passwords . They must be private to your own not be saved on your phone.
  2. Use Android In-built Security

If you are using Jelly Bean, you have a screen lock and encryption that enables for further security. Many screen locks are available such as password pin, pattern and face unlock, available in your Android settings. Even be careful when settings pin or pattern locks, they must not be easy for the hackers to guess the password.

  1. Lock Your Apps
    It is a necessity to lock your app when they are used. Especially that apps must be locked which you want nobody to see that. This is a second layer of security to prevent from anyone from using your device if they have managed to bypass your locked Android.
    For locking , you can use a free app like App Lock. The idea is not to lock every single app in your device,the data loaded ones like your email apps or file managers.
  2. The importance of app permissions
    Before you started install any app from Google Play Store, a list will appear showing requested permissions and to select the permission the app requires. Apps require permissions to do things.
    Always read the permissions so that they relate to the app. This step is a very important step because not all apps in the Play Store are safe.

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  3. Securing Your Network
    The very important thing in protecting your Android is to secure your network. Don’t use public Wifi when you are doing any personal important work related to banking online. When you are sharing the same network with the public, they can translate your coded data into the actual data i.e your passwords.
    You can protect your information by using apps like Hideninja VPN that secures your data in an encrypted form making it harder for anyone to obstruct your data. If you feel that your device is being attacked, Wifi Protector can help repel off these attackers.
  4. Create Multiple User Account To Protect Privacy
    If you are using an Android Tablet or laptop and want to share with your siblings, kids , having multiple accounts will help in protecting your privacy. In Jelly Bean for tablet, they provides you the option for having multiple accounts. To create another general account , option is under the Settings > User Section.
  5. Track Your Lost Device
    If you lost your phone and you want it back then your phone is built to be trackable via GPS. What to do is enable GPS on your phone for it to be tracked. There are multiple device -tracking apps available that help you to locate your lost device .
  6. Prepare A Backup Of Your Data
    Backup facility is very much must in the day and age of smartphones. Without backup, you will lose all your private information in your device.
    If you have backup in your device, you can restore all your data into its original form. You can backup your important information to the cloud, your desktop or even to the flash drive.