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An electrician is a Trading person specialized in Electrical wiring of various machines like buildings, stationary machines and various other related equipment. If you’re technically adept or interested in providing a service that can help the modern world go round, consider becoming the Electrician. A Licensed, or master, electricians are highly trained technicians whose responsibilities may include everything from replacing an electrical outlet to wiring in a newly-constructed house or in some building. This article provides information on the work of the electrician, the educational and training’s requirements for becoming a licensed electrician, and how to get your license easily.

Step 1: Preparation To Become Licensed Electrician

Understand What This Job Entails

Electricians work in a variety of settings like including, businesses, schools, homes, and hospitals – any type of facility that needs electricity to be functioned. Electricians may find themselves working in the extremes of heat and cold weather, indoors and out at any time of year. Electricians may also perform the electrical work on trains, airplanes, ships and other vehicles. Electrician’s work include the following.

    • Reading blueprints, or some technical diagrams of any work site’s electrical wiring.
    • Connecting these wires, circuit breakers, outlets, and replacing or adding the wires, circuit breakers, connections, and other fuses.
    • Using specialized equipment’s like oscilloscopes, ammeters, ohmmeters and the voltmeters, to perform their work.
    • Working as a part of a team in coordination with construction project’s manager, homeowner, and building manager of a work site.
    • Knowing and following the building codes and some regulations to ensure the buildings are wired safely.

Having An Aptitude For Electrical Work

Electricians are adept in diagnosing problems and in using good judgment and the right techniques to solve them easily. Electricians have the following some important traits:

    • They are usually detail oriented. Electricians know the glossing over details in a wiring project could at best may results in non-functioning wiring, and at worst creating a dangerous situation.
    • They have the strong manual dexterity. Electricians work with small tools and parts that always be handled with care and precision. They often have to be climb ladders or entering crawl spaces to perform their jobs properly.
    • They are flexible. Electricians are comfortable while working at many different sites and under a variety of conditions. They are mostly able to effectively communicate with the managers and other members of construction teams.

Talking To Professional Electricians

If you are really serious about becoming a licensed technician then contact the electricians in your area and set up the informational interviews.

    • Ask them if you can shadow them or help out on a specific project to experience a day in the life of their work as a technician.
    • Seek a master or the licensed electrician willing to take you on as a long term helper. This will give you an opportunity to gain some knowledge and then experience in this field.
    • Asking for recommendations on trade schools and the certification programs in your own area.

Fulfilling Educational Requirements

Obtaining the high school diploma or any Other General Equivalency Diploma (GED)

Most of the electrician’s trade schools and apprenticeship programs which usually require this level of education.

Attending The Trade Schools Or Some Other Vocational School

The courses which are offered at trade and vocational schools mostly provide the important preparations for entering the electrician apprenticeship program.

    • You will learn about electrical circuitry, mathematics theory, wiring, motor controls and the other required knowledge important to the trade.
    • You can consider taking electrical engineering courses online as an alternative to taking them at any local college or university.
    • Some electricians programs also include an apprenticeship program. Which you will have to complete in an apprenticeship program in order to get yourself certified so a combined coursework or apprenticeship program might be the convenient option.

Enter An Electrician Apprentice Program

Most regions of the world require at least two years, and in most cases up to four years, of apprenticeship with a master or any licensed electrician before one can take the examination to become a licensed electrician

Step 2 :Becoming A Master Electrician:

Get a state license. Most states require you to get a state license in order to practice in as an electrician. This license is granted after taking an exam to demonstrate the knowledge of the National Electrical Code and local electrical and building codes. In order to take exam,

    • Candidates must show their proof of working as an electrician and then having completed the apprenticeship programs. These State requirements mostly ask for four to seven years of experience in trade prior to taking its test.
    • You should complete an exam application and then submitting appropriate fees before taking the exam.

Finding a job:

Now you have your license and now you are free to work as an electrical contractor in your state. Choose to work with the company of contractors or you may operate independently.

    • Many Job search websites have comprehensive job listings in your field of electrical work.
    • Go to job fairs in order to talk with companies hiring new electricians.

Get certified:

Now you can choose from a variety of specialized certifications in order to enhance your career. These Certifications may vary State to state and will help you pursue your work as an electrical administrator, telecommunications contractor, or a specialist in an area like instrumentation.

    • Let’s conduct research to determine whether your obtained certificates may be beneficial to your career as an electrician?
    • To obtain these certification, you will have to demonstrate your experience and proficiency in the area you choose by taking the examination.


If you are willing to be a professional Electrician you must take all the steps as it is mentioned. Get your Diploma take your training and work under some professional Electrician. And get license of a professional and start your carrier. Now You Can Work anywhere Around the World. Thanks To be With us If you find the provided info valuable, please share with others on social media and suggest other fellows to visit our web pages, for other valuable information and don’t forget to comment below if you have any question or query Thank You.