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It is 2017, so let’s go ahead and make the New Year’s resolution right now. I take promise to write every day and Become Great Blog Writer.

It does not have to be much. But it has to be the something.Something means anything.It can be the journal entry. It can be the blog post.It can be 750 words that are free-write.It can be an avant-garde poem about the wilting flower.It does not matter.But you need to the write every day.

This is how you master the craft of writing.

Nobody just sits down and stares at a blank page and in the 30 minutes come up with the next great piece of literature. That doesn’t the happen.

In order to the master your craft, you need to practice that craft.

And in order to the practice that craft, you need to be:

  • Maintain The Discipline

What your discipline looks like is surely the different than what my discipline looks like, but the important thing is that you must stay consistent. You need to be consistently stay disciplined every single day.

I like to think of maintaining a writing discipline like searching for diamonds in rough. You search and you search and again you search, and most of the times you come up with empty. But then there is that one time when you stumble across the something great.

It’s that one time that gets you the attention. It’s that the one time that gets you praise. It’s that the one time that gets you the success.

But you won’t get any of those things. If you do not practice searching for that diamond. The likelihood of you haphazardly stumbling across that diamond without doing some digging is not the good.

You will need to produce a lot of really bad work before you can produce the anything really good.

  • The first thing the Allen Ginsberg wrote was not “Howl”.
  • The first thing the Ernest Hemingway wrote was not “The Sun Also Rises”.
  • The first thing the Maya Angelou wrote was not “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”.

Every great writer must practice their work and craft, every day, without exception.

90% of the things you write will be the utter crap. But you do not need to show anyone those things.

  • You Just Need To Be Showing Them The Diamonds

Think of anything you have ever been good at in life. Were you the initially good at it? Or did you have to the practice in order to get good at it?

Being good at anything takes the practice.  A lot of the practice.

Don’t think you are going to become a great writer/ the blogger/the marketer/business person by not practicing. Even if you are really smart but do not know how to communicate that intelligence, you won’t be the successful person.

Writing is instrument. You need to practice that the instrument in order for it to be able to effectively translate the genius that is sitting around in your head. You do not want the instrument to be a barrier to your expression of genius.

But if you are not practicing the writing, you are creating the barrier between your ideas and the expression of those ideas.

You may stumble across the some luck, but if you are not keeping wheels of your craft greased, you will not be able to capitalize on that luck when it arrives.

In fact, luck is a huge part of the business success. And if we keep practicing our the craft, when that the luck strikes, we will immediately know what to do now and how to respond.

To Become Great Blog Writer Takes Practice And Here Is A Road-map:

Now, what should we be the practicing? Well, the topic of “how to become a better writer” has been covered extensively. But just because it is relevant to the topic, here are a few pointers.

Tell, Do not Show

When we are taught writing in the school. We are usually taught to creative writing. We are not usually taught the technical writing, or copy-writing, or blog writing. We are taught how to engage with the creativity of our the readers.

Which is the good thing to do… for the story.

And there is the common trope used in creative writing:

  • Show, do not tell.

That means, draw a picture with words for the reader; do not just sit there and tell them about things, because that would be the boring.

And it would be the boring… for a story.

So the practice giving facts.  And only facts.  Take to the point.

Now, “get on the point” does not mean “do not have style”. For example, there is a lot of the style in this piece of writing, but it is still the informative

Here is the practical example…

If you are trying to the write a review of a high-powered LED flashlight that works well in the absolute darkness, you should say this:

  • This LED flashlight works well in the absolute darkness.

You should not say this:

  • As the sun retreats into its ever-looming the abyss, the dance of the luminescence begins. The cold metal of phallic apparatus runs counter to warm rays of the vision protruding from its brightly lit face. Darkness is no more; the world is the ablaze.

For the non-creative writing, the “golden rule” of the creative writing goes out the window, and new golden rule becomes:

Tell facts, don’t show.

Tell your readers about facts.

Do not get poetic.

Don’t Use A To C Technique

I’m the editor. I edit a lot of the other people’s written works. This is the one thing I see…

All of the time.

There is a high likelihood that if you are not consciously aware of you are doing this, then you are doing this.

There is the technique in impro comedy called “A to C”. This is the process which helps to generate ideas. It’s how actors use the suggestions from the audience to do their scenes.

For the instance, if I have the suggestion “boats”… Well, boats (A) make me the think of oceans (B), and oceans make me the think of coral (C). So now I would base my comedy scene on the “coral” because I went from A (boats) to the C (coral).

In impro comedy, there is also the comedic benefit of not showing the this thinking process. Comedy is about the being unexpected and spontaneous. So taking the suggestion of boats and doing the scene about coral has a kind of the inherent silliness to it, which is the perfect… for the comedy.

But in the copy-writing, if I am talking about boats, and then out of the nowhere I start talking about coral, and I did not let you in on the my A to C thinking process, you would be confused.

Or let’s say I write the blog post that says “Do not use A to C”, but I never tell you the what “A to C” means, it is safe to the assume that you won’t have the slightest idea of the what I’m talking about.

And yet, the happens. All of The Time.

The reason of this happens is because the human thought the process is based around making connections. But these connections are based on the emotions. And emotions are the deeply personal.

Our entire thought process is based on the personally felt emotions.

Almost nothing we think that and say and do is based on the logic. Sure, we credit the logic for thinking the way we do, but our the logic comes from the way we feel about something that is an. And the emotions are not logical.

If you have ever argued the politics before, then you know the what I’m talking about. The other person is saying the something based off of emotion and you cannot follow their logic. You try to the point out to them that their logic doesn’t make the sense, and they point out to you that your logic doesn’t make the sense to them because they think you are being too emotional.

As a writer, you need to be making sure that you are leading me along a logical path of the conclusion.

When Write Care About It

Because emotions are very powerful, you need to show your readers that what you’re talking about is something you personally care about.

This starts to tread into “blogging niche” talk, and I have something to say about that:

  • It’s gone be really hard for you to enjoy blogging if you hate what you are blogging about.

Blogging can make you the money, yes. But if you’re daily blogging just to get money, then dare I say, you are in the wrong profession.

There is a job out there for you that will let you the opportunity to do something you love and will make you money at the same time. Struggle to find that job, because the last thing this world needs is more the people who hate their job.

It’s important to remember that blogging is also a job that very famous, and it needs to be treated like a job. You need to work really hard and every day, just like you would with every other job.

And if you are don’t like your job, everyone around you will be notice.

And if your job is to talk to the people (blogging), no one will want to be around to read your blog.

But if you are a good blogger who loves being a blogger, make sure you know all stuff what you want to blog about.

  • Take some time to find it out.
  • Look really deep to figure out.
  • Do serious soul-searching and find out what makes you excited.

When you have find it out, write about it in your words.

There’s a one thing I see a lot, and it’s really annoying and irritating:

  • Starting a blog which is about how to make money blogging.
  • Unless you are really, really, really passionate about the WordPress, don’t start a blog about the WordPress just because it worked for many people. Not only will you run out of the ideas in a matter of days, you will start to hate your blog and you will sure stop blogging.
  • You will also have a hard time gaining traction because there are hundreds of thousands of the people blogging about the exact same thing that you think or choose. And those people- the people who are most passionate about the topic- are the ones who will eventually succeed and famous.
  • In order to keep yourself motivated and confident, you need to love this what you do.
  • So practice writing about things you like and make happy. Practice conveying fact that you like those things.
  • When you start to write about things you really, really like, everyone will notice you, and your chances of happiness, fulfillment, and success will be much higher and chance to become great blog writer are also high.

Do Practice on Daily Basis

Every day, sit down, take notebook and pencil and write what you want. Follow a schedule that you make, and maintain discipline of your craft that is very necessary.

Don’t be lazy and dull, and don’t be procrastinating. Be disciplined, and should practice hard. That’s the only way we can become masterful crafters or writer.

Do practice to learn things. Practice means getting experience. You grow from past practice. You get better from practice that you do daily. Success comes from the practice.

So practice every day and every night. Don’t take a day off and don’t try to waste it. Maintain your discipline that you focus, and do practice daily.

Do Practice daily until your practice is perfect.

To Become Great Blog Writer Do Practice

It is always important to remember to stay humble and gentle when you traveling along this journey.

Because when you think you’re perfect, there would be no need to practice any more.

But you are not perfect. You need time.

And if you think you are perfect, the moment you stop the practicing is the moment you won’t be perfect anymore and don’t become great blog writer.

So practice and practice staying humble. And the only way you can do that is by learning how to take feedback from others.

If someone comes up to you and gives you the feedback, you should take that feedback to the heart. It is also give you the opportunity to become great blog writer.

Final Words

Now it’s your turn to prove you are also become great blog writer. To become good writer or blogger you need to follow some ways and steps that are very necessary. It gives you the way to become great blog writer. Let’s get started to learn and follow the things that i discuss to become great blog writer.

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