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Hi, everyone I hope you are alright. My name is Haider Raza. In my most previous post I discuss about directory submission which is very important technique for your site SEO. Now today I discuss with you another SEO technique that is very helpful to increase site traffic. Article submission is the most successful technique for your site SEO. So I decided to discuss about it.

Article Submission (Introduction)

Article submission is generally writing an article that is relevant to your business blog and submits it to the article directory submission sites. It is mainly used to increase your site traffic. It is very beneficial for rank your site. It is also helpful in Backlinks building. But the main purpose of it to better your site SEO. SEO is very important for websites or blogs to increase rank and traffic.

Creating keyword or backlink is not enough for you site SEO. It needs some extra to rank your site in first page. For this purpose article submission is very beneficial and helpful. It makes your site SEO great. Some people often time missed the proper way of article submission and not achieve your goal. But follow the correct steps you can easily rank your site and submit your article in article submission directories.

Article Writing And Submission Guidelines

For publishing an article and submit your article in directories you must need some guidelines for it. For writing good quality articles guidelines are follows:

  • Your content must be unique and quality able.
  • Your article content must be unique and original.
  • Your article length must be between 400-700 lines.
  • You should use keyword rich article content.
  • Must choose unique article title.
  • You must use headings, subheading, alt tags in your article.

For submit an article you also follow some guidelines that are follows:

  • First you need to search article submission sites.
  • After searching article submission sites register on it.
  • For registration follow guidelines of site and fill information.
  • After completing registration choose article related category.
  • Always search for low competition keywords.
  • Low competition gives an easy way to rank your site.
  • You can use different keyword analyzer tool to analyze your keywords.
  • Keyword analyzation is very important for your good article.
  • To submit your article in submission sites must follow it guidelines.
  • To approve your article in submission sites following of guidelines is important.
  • You article will be approve if you follow guidelines properly.

These are some guidelines that is necessary for writing article and submit in the submission directories.

Pros And Cons

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. This SEO technique is also having advantages and disadvantages. Both are follows:


  • It will very beneficial for your site ranking.
  • It is very helpful for creating backlinks.
  • It gives you long term backlinks for your site.
  • It is very helpful for increasing your site traffic.
  • It gives boost of your page rank.
  • It will increase your site searches.


  • It is not necessary reader always click your site link in submission site. Sometime it click or not.
  • It takes much time to write an article.
  • It will not give good traffic in starting.
  • It gives traffic to article submission site because you submit your article in the submission directory.
  • It takes time to increase traffic of your site.
  • Unique content is very necessary to submit your article in directory.

These are some pros and cons of this SEO technique. I am sure it will help to understand the purpose of article writing in a better way.

Final Words

So I discuss most important technique for your site SEO. I think this is very helpful to you. I also discuss its pros and cons. Now it’s up to you what will you do for improving your site ranking. I hope you also understand much about article submission in easy way. If you like it please share it and comment me. For more interesting articles follow our Facebook group.