Let’s have a look on 20 Best Productive Apps For Android To Hack Business Growth in 2017. These apps are best to manage business productivity and track the growth records to get maximum analytical reports and output out of the business setup.

20 Best Productive Apps For Android To Hack Business Growth

Momentum App

This browser augmentation is a lifeline. A ton of effective individuals underscores the force of concentrating on one undertaking. This application welcomes you and asks you what your primary concentration is. Every time you open up another tab, the application flies up and reminds you to remain on track. It replaces the program tab that is there naturally that generally entices you to go to useless sites.

Harvest App


This browser augmentation measures your time. Being effective means being severely fair with how you invest your energy. You can set a clock for every action you do and mark what you are doing. Toward the day’s end, you can check to what extent you spend on every action and change from that point. What’s awesome about this is it synchronizes in with other efficiency applications like Asana.

Forest App

This is an expansion that uses the force of the Pomodoro Technique and gamification. When you begin the clock, it will grow a tree from a seed. You will likely concentrate on one assignment for 25 minutes until the tree is completely developed.

Site Block

It obstructs the sites you would prefer not to visit. This site blocker has been so helpful.It additionally lets you know how frequently you went to that site while it’s blocked.

Time Tracker

This expansion does what it says too: it tracks your time. You can look at it in detail to see where you invest your energy.


Like Time Tracker, however with a curve. It diagrams out your time into a pie graph. It’s extremely precise and the interface is a great deal more clean. One issue it has, however, is the means by which it clusters every one of the exercises under 1% under a solitary classification.

Ad Blocker Plus

It is a free extension that blocks all ads that play on a website or video

Pomodoro Timer

A standout amongst the most surely understood profitability methods is the Pomodoro Technique. Essentially, you concentrate on only one undertaking for 25 minutes and after that take a constrained 5-minute break. This expansion is much the same as the Forest App yet there is no vivified tree included (only a timer).


No productivity list is complete without Evernote. It basically lets you write and store documents, sketches, memos, pictures, and more online through the cloud. You can access it on your phone or on a computer.

Google Keep

This is another one I simply found, yet so helpful. It’s accessible and open on your telephone or your PC the length of you have a Google account. It’s an incredible approach to store brisk notes or voice memos.


It’s simple and easy to use. There are not so many choices that it gets confusing. It does what you need. You can schedule out a queue of posts and randomize the order if you want.


It’s evolved into a replacement for email between people who want to talk to each other in a company. Slack solves this by being something in between email and instant message. Messages and files sent to a group of people or a single person are neatly organized and clear as day.


It’s known as the app to brain dump the articles you want to read later and have them read out loud by a computer if you are extra busy. When you find an article worth reading. You hit the button and it saves it for offline use. When you are free, you can return to an article on your list on your phone or computer.It is available as a browser extension, an app for Mac, for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, WebOS and more.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

This website is crazy simple. Go to the website and listen to free music of natural waves. If you move your mouse even slightly, it resets and tells you to try again.

Everyone needs a quick break once in a while to recharge.


The rival to Slack is Basecamp. And while Slack can be used for free without having to upgrade to a paid plan, it’s harder to use Basecamp without signing up for a monthly subscription.It is web-based have easy to understand dashboard when you log in. You can add discussions, to-do lists, documents, and more. Of course, you can collaborate and talk to coworkers while using this as well.


The Internet is filled with interesting, crazy and new information. Driven by curiosity and personal development, you can spend a lot of time at work reading trivial articles. If you want to fix this, Instapaper is worth looking at.

With one click, you can save it to be read later. It also suggests topics and articles through what you have saved already.


Available for the Mac OS, Writeroom creates a completely distraction-free setting for you to do your best writing. For Windows users, try a similar app called Zen Writer.

Remember the Milk

This is a popular productivity app that puts your tasks in a to-do checklist. It has its following of diehard fans. It lets you share your tasks with friends and leverages the power of checklist.


You have a protected application and augmentation that stores every one of your passwords and recollects which one it is for which site. I have attempted a great deal of applications and expansions like this and every one of them had their issues. Some of them obliged you to have a truly long ace secret key that you would dependably overlook.


This site takes care of this issue for you by telling you when you ought to rest and wake up in view of your customized rest cycles. Rest is an essential yet regularly neglected a portion of everybody’s life. Having the appropriate sum can truly twofold your efficiency.